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Person-Centred Planning

Person-Centred Planning

Momentum Care puts the people that we support at the centre of everything that we do.

To ensure that we provide support to meet a person's individual needs we develop a person-centred plan. This plan is developed with the person and those close to them. The plan identifies their preferences, their support needs and how they should be met. It outlines what the person wants to achieve, as well as any risks and how they can be avoided or reduced. The person-centred plan also includes the contact numbers and details of the person and those closest to them..

The plan is used as a point of reference for our staff so that they can give personalised support.

Our staff update and record each visit in the plan. It is also reviewed every six months or if needs change. This is to ensure that our support continues to reflect people's needs and wants.

As part of our staff induction, training on personal centred care planning is included.

Our regulators inspect the person-centred plans of those we support as part of their standards. All support workers are fully updated on each person’s support plan, which they follow closely, as well as keeping records themselves of each visit.