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An Independent Life

An Independent Life

Allen Macbeth, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, loves to help out with tasks such as washing up at Momentum Care’s Coventry Day Centre.

When Allen Macbeth was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and suffered from memory loss and mood swings, his family feared that the retired social worker would need to move into a home for long-term residential care. But a highly personalised care package – focused on attending Momentum Care’s Coventry Day Centre for older people - means that Allen can continue to fulfil his wish of living at home.

Allen, who is an active 71 year old, started attending the centre last May and immediately benefitted from the care which provides one-to-one, personalised support so he can do exactly what he enjoys doing.

Rachel Webb, Allen’s daughter, said, “Because Dad used to be a social worker, he loves to help other people in the centre, including the staff members.

“Allen is able to assist doing jobs such as laying the tables, serving under supervision, washing and drying pots, outdoor gardening, helping to clean the buses and much more.

“Dad really is happy to go to the centre – and is always looking out for the bus. The Momentum staff have been absolutely phenomenal and provide a wonderful service which has made his life – and ours – a whole lot easier.

“Dad is too young to be institutionalised 24/7, and it would be the wrong thing for him, so the Coventry centre has been a godsend for both him and our family. We simply could not have coped without the help they provide.” 

Andy Toon, manager of the Coventry Day Centre, said, “We have a good relationship with Allen’s family, and also the care organisation that looks after him at his own home at night. We liaise at all times, so that we have a full picture of Allen’s condition on any particular day. The two organisations provide ‘round-the-clock’ care.

“Allen has really benefited from being at the centre. On his first day, he was very apprehensive. We tried as a team to support Allen for one day a week – this has now gone to four or five days a week. The result is that he is much more confident and outgoing in himself.

“Allen’s experiences really underline the whole ethos of the part the Coventry centre plays in providing a range of services aimed at reducing social isolation amongst older people.”

Allen and his family believe that they have received a dividend from their decision to use their individual budget to buy in and control the type of support required – and would encourage others in a similar position to do likewise.

Rachel said, “Our experience proves that personalisation of social care does work – and there is an alternative to the default position of long-term residential care for people with Alzheimer’s – if you handle it properly and use an experienced operator like Momentum.”